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Important Dates to Remember for Fall 2020 Session


August 12th                         Pre-Onsite New Student Registration     (5pm-7pm)

August 13th                         Pre-Onsite New Student Registration     (10am-Noon & 5pm-7pm

August 14th                         Pre-Onsite New Student Registration     (10am-Noon)

August 17-19                      Onsite Registration for Fall classes (New, Transfer, and Returning Students)

August 20-21                      Registration continues, must have already started your applications

August 21st                        Deadline for all New, Transfer, and Returning students to be accepted for Fall 2020


August 12-21                      Virtual Orientation (New and Transfer students must participate. Campus based

                                                Orientation has been cancelled for this semester.  Information will be posted.

August 20-21                      Virtual Psych of Student Success Course for all New students/Transfer.

August 24th                         First full day of class (Virtual or Flex)

September 7th                   Labor-Day Holiday (No Classes)

September 11th                 Last day to drop without record

September 11th                Enrollment Census Date

September 25th                 Fall Graduation applications Due

December 14-16               Finals

 December 18                    Graduation

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